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“Estimulación de Pozos y Recuperación Mejorada Utilizando Enzimas”

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Analysis Report of Crude Oil Recovery Enhancement Using Apollo GreenZyme®

Dongxin Technical Institute,

Third Gathering Station., Oil well Yung-8-52

Shengli Oilfield, China

(Production data and results updated to November 15, 2001) Effectiveness and application analysis using Apollo Greenzyme® Apollo Separation Technologies Inc developed Apollo Greenzyme®, a new type of highly effective biological oil well unclogging agent. In recent years, several foreign oil companies have tried to use this type of bio-enzyme to increase crude oil production, but in our nation, to use this new type of bio-enzyme to enhance oil production is still a blank page. With introduction from Haichenxi Environment Protection & Technology Development Company of Beijing, together we worked with the technical personnel from Apollo Separation Technologies Inc in the month of July, we started our first unclogging oil well test work in Dongxin 3rd oil-gathering station, we have achieved outstanding end results. According to introduction, Greenzyme® is a protein based non-living biological agent. It has a higher hydrocarbon oil-releasing capability from any solid surfaces. According to these particular characteristics, we chose Yung-8-52 oil well, and applied Greenzyme® to test its effectiveness. Early stage results immediately after application of Greenzyme® showed:  total daily fluid output : 17.7 m3, daily oil output : 16.9 m3 , water content : 6%, dynamic fluid level : 412 m, the effect of Apollo Greenzyme® to unclog this oil well  was very obvious. This speaks for itself that Greenzyme® has excellent effect to unclog heavy crude oil well for production enhancement.  Conclusion 1) After application of Greenzyme® to this well, we can see a significant increase in total daily fluid production. Previously we have to shut-off this well due to insufficient fluid flow before applying Greenzyme®. Right now we have achieved a stable and steady fluid flow of over 23+ m3 day, this is a significant increase in production, which indicates the highly effectiveness of using Apollo Greenzyme®. 2) Water content in crude oil was over 15% before application of Greenzyme®, however after application of Greenzyme®, current water content is a stable 6%, a significant drop. 3) The operating procedures using Greenzyme®  to unclog oil well are quite simple; there is no environmental contamination problem