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“Estimulación de Pozos y Recuperación Mejorada Utilizando Enzimas”

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Venezuela. GreenZyme® Oil Well Treatments in the State of Zulia, Venezuela.

Brief summary of wells treated by Venezuela state owned petroleum company in La Salina Oil Field.   La Salina is located in the Northwest corner of Venezuela and has significant oil production. Job sites were located both off-shore and inland around Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. The earliest well was treated in October, 2000. Wells were selected which were partially or almost totally clogged with significant reduction in barrels of oil produced per day. Wells treated were producing anywhere from 25 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) to 169 BOPD. It’s important to note that each job used Greenzyme® concentrate which was diluted to 5%.   Treatment was accomplished by pumping under pressure one full column unit of produce water through the tubing side of the oil well, then pumping the Greenzyme® diluted to 5% solution strength. A full column unit of produce water was then pumped down the same tubing side to fully displace the enzyme fluid into the formation.   Total pumping took about two hours to complete followed by a scheduled capping time for the enzyme fluid to soak in the formation. After capping time was completed (usually 3-5 days), the wells were re-opened to resume production. Initial fluid production normally increased several fold with produce water come out first, followed by oil production which increased significantly sometimes after a couple days or often after two weeks time. There was some reduction in water percentage with time as well. RESULTS: Successful returned production rates after enzyme fluid treatment. Treatments effectively removed wellbore blockage with improved relative permeability. Early well treatments in 2000 were still producing in June 2001 with little or no drop in rate. Normal production from these wells will last approximately 12-18 months or more while maintaining elevated production levels before seeing a gradual decline in the production rate.
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