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“Estimulación de Pozos y Recuperación Mejorada Utilizando Enzimas”

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Baise Oilfield Huff and Puff test with enzyme.

The test was aimed to deal with the thin, heterogeneous multi-layered reservoirs at 33-43°C. Pay porosity range 15-20%. Crude density is 30° API on ground while underground viscosity is 1.1-5mPa at 50°C. Wax content 12-26.5%. Main production problems: sanding-out, serious emulsifying and waxing. From 2004 to Jan 2005, 14 treatments were made on 13 wells in the oilfield. Response were observed in 12 treatments with accumulative production increase of 1975,4 bbl. The well Lei 2-4 was outstanding, which raised oil rate from 4,4 to 12,4 bbl/d. The well produced 496,4 bbl additional oil. Treatment operation turned out to be simple and economic.