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“Estimulación de Pozos y Recuperación Mejorada Utilizando Enzimas”

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Acts on the wettability of the rock. Absorbs grains and expels the oil that is adhered to them. Would make the rock strongly wet by water. The oil stuck to the rock has to have mobility. It may not be in the solid state, otherwise the product can not evict it from the surface of the grains. In case of the oil condition is immobility it will be necessary to heat the formation or to inject solvents. According to the supplier, it does not crack hydrocarbons. The product does not form emulsions and is insoluble with the oil The product can effectively move oil from the surface of grains of sandstone, provided that these hydrocarbons are above the point of fluidity. The mechanism of operation seems to be a reversal of wettability, making grains strongly wet by water. The product diluted to 4% v / v showed satisfactory performance in sand contaminated with heavy oil, both paraffinic and asphaltenic.
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