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“Estimulación de Pozos y Recuperación Mejorada Utilizando Enzimas”


Experimental research on the changing wettability of rock surface using biological enzyme.

Wang Yuan,Li Zhaomin,Li Binfei et al. Wang Yuan,Hydromechanics Teaching and Research Department, Petroleum Engineering Institute,University of Petroleum, Dongying City, Shandong Province, 257061,China  Based on the measuring standard of rock wettability and using optical projection to measure contact angle of rocks, the experiments on the changing wettability of rock surface by biological enzyme include the changes of rock wettability, capillary force and adhesion work after the act of rock with biological enzyme. Research results show that the biological enzyme can change capillary force of waterflooding oil evidently, accelerate flow of remaining oil, and enhance the recovery efficiency of oil reservoir
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