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“Estimulación de Pozos y Recuperación Mejorada Utilizando Enzimas”

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Application of Apollo GreenZyme Unblocking Technique in Baise Oilfield.

Deng Zhengxian, Liang Yuan'an, Weng Gaofu , Sun Guijun , Ran Shaomin. Guangxi Oil Production Plant, SINOPEC Southwest Oil & Gas Company, Guangxi Tiandong 513500. Abstract: A serious problem in the Baise oilfield is that partial oil wells make sand flow, emulsification and wax deposits within the formation plugging in oil layers.  Conventional acidizing treatment can not be used in some oil wells because of the bad well condition and sand production.  Apollo GreenZyme unblocking techniques were introduced to apply in Baise. This paper gives a way of operating with the original production string.  After analyzing and discussing the working mechanism of GreenZyme unblocking agent, 14 experiments were done including 13 wells, of which 12 wells were effective in unblocking and the increasing oil production.  The efficiency of stimulation was 85.7% with 270.6 metric tons incremental oil recovered.
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